Chapel View Farm has a wonderful group of horses that fit riders of all skill levels. Whether you wish to compete at the highest levels or simply want to improve your abilities for pleasure riding, we can accommodate your needs.

Chapel View also offers horsemanship lessons. We will teach you how to correctly lunge your horse or how to correctly wrap a swollen leg. These lessons are wonderful for the up and coming pony clubber or some one looking to increase their equine knowledge.

Beginner Lessons

We have several horses that are suitable for anyone just starting out. We offer lessons to start young riders and adults. Many parents of our young riders have decided to give riding a try and find it very enjoyable. Learning correct balance and position is crucial to feeling strong and secure on any horse. We provide a safe fun environment to instill confidence in even the most timid new riders. All of our beginning lessons are aligned with the physical abilities of the riders, as well as the attention span of our very young riders. Our beginners will also learn basic horse care before and after their ride to ensure they become well rounded horseman.

More Advanced

For riders with a bit more experience in the basics of riding we offer a higher level of instruction catered to a more specific discipline. No matter what aspirations you have we will support your progress help you reach your goals. We have multiple horses of different levels to support students and develop their skills, or you can trailer in your own horse to work on specific issues you may have. If you have goals of competition we travel to many different locations and many of the horses that teach lessons also travel and compete. Other competition related services and be found on the Services page.

Specific Diciplines

Dressage and Eventing

Jacqui teaches lessons for anyone looking to compete in dressage or eventing. Whatever level you are or hope to be she can help. The focus is on balance and precision and you will receive a great technical approach to every aspect of the discipline. Dressage and show jumping lessons are taught here at the farm and we often travel to many local venues to practice cross country and conditioning. Whether you have a specific problem to be addressed or you simply wish to improve over all and move up a level, Jacqui can help you.